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Heating system has 10-20 years guarantee. Our specialized troop will analyze and examine your heating system if it needs to be replaced. We check which part of your system needs to be replaced and work accordingly. What it takes to ensure you’re completely satisfied when the job is finished that’s our duty.

When should you replace your system?

If your heating system is 10-20 years, then hurry up and call our specialist for the maintenance and repairing. The reason we say this is because a heating system that has not been maintained for a long period of time, will have an estimated low life expectancy. We have seen occurrence where an appliance had to be replaced after 8 or 9 years because the burner section of the heating unit was backfiring, and the controls were burned. We don't want you to wait last minute to change your heating system. If you see any of these complications in your machine give us a call at 214-575-2323.

Here are some points when you should replace your heating system:

  • When your heating system is more than 10 years old.
  • Maintenance and Repairs are becoming more frequent.
  • When your heating System is making strange noises.
  • Heat is not consistent.
  • When the heat is not consistent.

If you need to change your Heating System, then THT Air Solutions Heating & Cooling company has Certified Technicians. It can help you pick to an advanced system without the stress and burden. It doesn’t take time if we are doing this for you. We are linked with the most heating system brands and can help assist your family by going over its positive and negative aspect of different units and gives you guarantee that we stay in budget when picking out the best unit for you and your family that’s our promise.