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Get Back your Comfort by 24 hour Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Hello There! During Summer Days Do you realize your ac is not cooling properly or blowing warm air either it is central, windows or mini-split? Then this is the indication of the air conditioner repair time.

Well, we know we are tired of sweating in this summer! Don’t worry, here are some indications show your cooling system needs to check up and repair to bounce back your comfort and beat the heat.

Reasons for Air Conditioner not Properly Cooling

These are the Reasons that your heating and cooling system not cooling the place on its best performance. And these factors can defect your whole air conditioner system if it is not repaired in time.

  • Faulty Wires
  • Clogged Filters: check the unit filter is clogged; then it is not allowing for adequate airflow. So clean or replace if it necessary
  • Improper Installation:sometimes, fault installation may be the reason for reduced airflow. Check the plant if it wrong setup or not.
  • Drainage Issues
  • Power Issues: if your ac is not blowing air then check and ensure that is plugged correctly into the outlet and also check the electric panel plugging.
  • Thermostat Issues:check the thermostat on your unit is set at an appropriate temperature.Check an insure all wiring is correct with the thermostat unit and adequately connected with batteries.
  • Ice Build Up
  • Dirty Compressor:Dirty Compressor: over the years leaves, dirt, and other debris can build up and stop the unit from running correctly then clean the compressor area.
  • Clogged Drain
  • Condensate airflow switch
  • Low Refrigerant Level:check if your refrigerant is leaking or not. Slow leaks can cause refrigerant levels to drop over time. Which require a check of the lines and the recharge of the system to get it blowing cold air again.

If you have knowledge about the system or you already worked in this field then you can go ahead with safety otherwise it is always better to call an HVAC Experts.
To get full Air Conditioning services, Remember THT Air Solutions.

How much ac conditioner repair take time?

Technicians, first of all, inspect and find what is primary and its associated problems that cause ac not working or cooling on its best efficiency. Time of Troubleshooting of air conditioning determines how the big issue of your system and types of air conditioner you have.
Normally Repairmen check-up and repair and maintain ac system in 2-3 Hours.
Our experienced technicians can takes 1:30-2:00 hour on average to solve air conditioning problem and if you agree then THT Air Conditioning technitians ready for the whole Pre-Season AC tune up for pre-protection for commercal and Industrial.

How much does it cost to Repair Air Conditioner ?

The price determines upon the problems you ac have. If your ac have small issues and it takes less time, then you need to pay less more. But if your ac takes more new parts to replace and install, rewriting, cleaning, then it varies on the repair company cost. Usually a market the price of the ac repair is 250$-450$
At THT Air Solutions, we repair at 300$, and the cost goes up down according to the ac problem, including system parts installation.

Why choose THT Air for your Air Condition repair instead of the other billion out there?

    We, first of all, keep price transparent before repair. Then we inspect the system to find out problem root, then we take action either maintain, replace or install a new one.

  • We never install fragmented or fake parts. Our Specialists Guarantees the best products available for our customers.
  • Our price is highly adjustable than that of other company out there.
  • All our technicians are certified for repairs and accessions and are the best in town. We have conducted background checks individually to assure your safety and match up your comfort.
  • All forms of payments are approved- Credit and Debit Cards, Check or Cash
  • Last but not the least, we follow the Dallas Codes for all our repairs and accessions. If it can't be repaired the proper way, then we won't do it.

We know that its too hard to suffer in this hot Texas summer, so we offer our repair, installations and maintenance services from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. You will not be unsatisfied with our services and offers that’s our guarantee.

Need Emergency AC Repair in Dallas,Richardson,Plano,Frisco,McKinney Area?

It's after hours and suddenly your unit goes down, do not worry and don’t even think twice. Just give us a call at 214-575-2323 and we will send out a technician to take care of you, your appliances and maintain it properly.

*We even include a 30 day labor warranty on repairs and a 1 year manufacture warranty for the parts*